About the Jefferson City Police Department

Jefferson City PD badge

The Jefferson City Police Department (JCPD) reports directly to the City Administrator.  The JCPD provides the community with a full range of police services, including receiving and responding to emergency and non­emergency calls for service, performing directed activities, and solving neighborhood problems.

The JCPD is divided into three major Divisions which include the Operations Division, Special Services Division, and Support Services Division. The Department includes an Office of Professional Standards, the primary proponent within the Department for hiring and training new Police employees and overseeing their ongoing professional activities.

The Operations Division is the largest Division of the Police Department and is comprised of the Patrol Section and Community Action Team.

The Patrol Section's primary purpose is to provide a police presence to deter crime, investigate instances of crime and seek prosecution where appropriate, respond to calls for service from the community, conduct traffic enforcement and crash suppression, and participate in collaborative problem solving initiatives with the community. Patrol activities are the core function within the Jefferson City Police Department.

The Community Action Team is a special-projects based team that works in cooperation with citizens, businesses, and other community groups to promote crime prevention through community involvement and improvement. The Community Action Team also serves as a source of intelligence gathering and dissemination for use by all Department personnel for criminal interdiction purposes.

The Special Services Division is comprised of the Criminal Investigations Section and Traffic Enforcement Unit.

The Criminal Investigations Section plays a lead role in identifying, locating and apprehending the most dangerous criminal perpetrators. The Criminal Investigations Section is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes, the analysis of crime trends, and the support and assistance to crime victims.

The Traffic Unit concentrates on various traffic safety issues, including traffic crash investigation and reconstruction, public awareness campaigns about traffic safety, and traffic enforcement in those areas where a high number of crashes occur. In addition, these Officers respond to citizen concerns regarding traffic issues within the community through directed enforcement efforts.

The Support Services Division is comprised of the Joint Communications Center, Records Section, and Animal Control Section.

The Joint Communications Center is a multi-agency communications center located within the JCPD. The Joint Communications Center provides emergency and administrative communications for the citizens and visitors of Jefferson City and Cole County by placing them in touch with public safety and related government service agencies.

The Records Section has the responsibility for all aspects of records management. Records personnel provide assistance in the compilation of statistical data for various Federal and State reports. They also provide assistance to citizens, attorneys, insurance companies and others who are seeking copies of police crime reports or other public information.

The Animal Control Section operates a full service, open-admission animal shelter facility. The Animal Control Section provides humane care, pet reclamation assistance, adoption, safe custodial care of animals found running at large, and an array of veterinarian services. The Animal Control section also investigates and seeks prosecution for instances of inhumane treatment of animals and animals running at large.