Animal Control

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Animals

What you need to know:

  • At this time, there is no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • Based on the limited information available to date, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is considered to be low.
  • More studies are needed to understand if and how different animals could be affected by COVID-19.
  • We are still learning about this virus, but it appears that it can spread from people to animals in some situations.

For information about Animals and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) CLICK HERE. 

The RedRover Relief Emergency Boarding grant program helps animals who need temporary boarding while their owners are ill due to the COVID-19 virus. This grant will cover the cost of up to two (2) weeks of boarding while a pet owner is hospitalized, or if the pet owner is recovering at home and unable to care for their pet. For more information on the RedRover Relief grant program CLICK HERE

Our Purpose

Animal Control is responsible for maintaining and operating the Jefferson City Animal Shelter, as well as aiding the public with animal disturbances and nuisances.

What We Do
- rescuing stray animals within the limits of Jefferson City.
- removing wildlife from living spaces in homes and work areas.
- investigating animal abuse calls.
- reporting bite incidents.
- taking necessary action when citizens do not comply with City animal ordinances.
- collecting dead animals, both road kill and euthanized at local veterinarian offices.
- investigating unclean yard complaints.
- investigating barking complaints.
- corralling loose livestock.
- collecting injured animals.
- assisting police with animals while they are serving warrants.
- investigating abandoned animal reports.
- informing the public of city and county ordinances.

Contact Information
Open Monday through Saturday from 12 pm to 4:30 pm for adoptions.
Animal Control is located with-in and available Monday through Saturday from 8 to 4:30.
Jefferson City Animal Shelter
2308 Hyde Park Road Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: (573) 634-6429
Fax: (573) 659-8209

For after hours animal control emergencies please call (573) 634-6429.

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Shelter Policies

Animals that enter the Jefferson City Animal Shelter as strays are held for either 5 days (no identification on intake) or 10 business days (identification such as a microchip, rabies tag or ID tag present on intake). After such holding periods, the animal(s) become property of the Jefferson City Animal Shelter. If identification is present on intake, contact with the owner is attempted. If contact by phone is not productive, and an address is known, the door will be posted in attempts to reunite the pet.

It is the duty of an owner, as the responsible party for an animal, to contact the shelter when their animal(s) is missing. The shelter does not advertise animals being held as strays.

The Jefferson City Animal Shelter serves Cole County only. While interested parties from any location may adopt an animal, we cannot take stray or owner release animals from outside of our service area.

All owners who redeem their animal(s) from the shelter will incur the following fees:

1) Impoundment Fee
- Intact (not spayed or neutered): $20 per day
- Altered (spayed or neutered): $10 per day 
* All partial days will be charged as a full day of boarding

2) Rabies vaccination: If an animal is not current on their vaccine, a $25 fee is applied and a rabies vaccination voucher is given to the owner to use toward the cost at a participating Veterinarians office. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Jefferson City law requires all dogs, cats and ferrets to have a current 1-year rabies vaccination.

3) Veterinary Services Fees charged at the discretion of the Director. If a dog or cat has gone through its stray hold, and is now the property of the Jefferson City Animal Shelter, Veterinary Services will be performed. It is the responsibility of the owner to compensate the shelter for those services if they want to redeem their animal. Services may include, but are not limited to, Veterinary examination, spay/neuter surgery, heartworm test, FeLV/FIV test, dental work, microchip, fecal floatation, intestinal parasite treatment and vaccinations.