Building Regulations

Our Purpose
The Division of Building Regulations strives to provide quality and timely services to promote safety within the built environment.

What We Do
We work with developers, contractors and owners to have their construction projects built to satisfy building code requirements.  This includes reviewing proposed projects during permitting.  This review can include verifying structural stability, fire safety, exits, sanitation, electricity, mechanical and flood protection.  Then after permit issuance, site inspections are performed as the project progresses.  This process is to help protect the home or building owner and the occupants.  Building Regulations is responsible for protecting public health, safety and welfare through effective code enforcement.

Contact Information
Open Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: (573) 634-6410
Fax: (573) 634-6457

Division Staff:

Larry Burkhardt, AIA, P.E., Building Official :

Brian Allen, Building Inspector:

Richard Hunt, Plumbing Inspector:

Bill Luebbert, Electrical Inspector:

Dan VandeVoorde, Plan Examiner/Mechanical Inspector:

Kelly English, Administrative Assistant:  

Denis Lenger, Sign Examiner: