A building permit gives legal permission to start construction of a project.

To determine if you need a permit call the Building Regulations Division (573) 634-6451 (or 573-634-6410) and ask to discuss your plans with the building official or an inspector before beginning construction. Even if a permit is not needed, the building official or an inspector will answer construction questions and provide valuable advice.

Permits are usually required for the following:

New Buildings - Commercial and Residential
Residential Additions (bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, etc.)
Residential Work (decks, garages, fences, fireplaces, pools, water heaters, etc.)
Residential Renovations (garage conversions, basement furnishings, kitchen expansions, etc.)
Commercial Additions
Commercial Renovations (tenant finishes, office remodels, etc.)
Electrical systems
Plumbing systems

If you need further clarification, please look at the frequently asked questions under "Do I need a building permit?".  Also, please look at the "Permit Policies and Procedures" page for further permit required information.

In general, the Building Regulations Division needs to know what is proposed to be built prior to construction.  The building permit application process will help to document the "Who, What, When, Where and How" of the project.  This can be done with sketches or a full set of construction documents.  It just depends on what is being proposed to be constructed.

After the proper documentation has been received and approved, the building official will issue a building permit giving authorization to start construction.  The applicant will then be responsible to call for inspections of the work at the appropriate times.  The applicant or their representative should call the main number (573-634-6410) to request site inspections.

Upon completion of all work and final inspections have been accomplished, the permit will be closed.  If the project involved constructing a new building, an addition, or a major alteration, a "Certificate of Occupancy" will be issued.

The links below are for applications for building, electrical, plumbing, or demolition permits.  The permit fees are listed within the forms.  If there are any questions about the required information within the applications, please call Building Regulations at (573) 634-6451.

Building Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Sewer Connection Application for in the County

Please keep the following tips and hints in mind when applying for your building permit:

  • Building Permits will be null and void if construction does not begin within (6) six months of the date they are issued.
  • A Building Permit conveys no right to occupy any street, alley or sidewalk or any part thereof, either temporarily or permanently. Encroachment on Public Property that is not specifically permitted under the Building Code must be approved by the jurisdiction. The issuance of a building permit does not release the applicant from the conditions of any applicable subdivision restrictions.
  • The disposal of demolition waste is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources under chapter 260 RSMo. Such waste in types and quantities established by the department shall be taken to a demolition landfill for disposal.