Plumbing Licensing Requirements

Plumbing Work Performed Within the Jurisdiction of Jefferson City

The municipal Plumbing Code states all plumbing work performed within the jurisdiction of Jefferson shall be performed by licensed plumbing contractors, with only one exception, that a home owner may perform his own plumbing work at his residence when approved by the plumbing inspector.

No person, firm or corporation shall install, repair, alter, or extend any plumbing system within the City of Jefferson unless licensed. The following link gives you a current list of licensed plumbing contractors for the City of Jefferson.

2019 Plumbing Contractor List

Persons desiring a Plumbing Contractor License shall complete and submit the below application form to the Plumbing Inspector.

2020 Plumbing Contractor License Application

Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Licenses

To apply for an Apprentice License, Journeyman Plumbing License, or Master Plumbing License, please click on the following link. This form may also be used to apply for the Journeyman or Master Plumbing Examination. Once the form has been completed and signed, please submit it to the Plumbing Inspector;

2020 Plumbing License Application

To apply for multiple Apprentice Licenses at one time, please use this: 2020 Apprentice Plumbing License Application Form .