City Council

2018-19 Council Portrait.1
2018 Mayor and City Council Portrait - Photo Credit, Teresa Clerkin

About City Council
City Council makes laws, budgets City money, and establishes policy and procedures for City staff. Council Members must be at least 21 years old at the time of election, be a U.S. citizen and a qualified voter of the City, must have lived in the City for at least a year before the election, and in the ward they wish to represent for six months prior to election.

City Council Members also serve on the several Council Committees as well as liaisons appointments to City boards and commissions.

See the 2019-2020 Council Meeting Schedule approved by the City Council.

City Council Government
Each of the City's five wards has two Council Members. Article III of the City Charter and Chapter 2 of the City Code define in detail the duties and powers of the City Council. 

City Council meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month at 5:45 P.M. (a "pre-meeting" to briefly discuss the agenda) immediately followed by the 6:00 P.M. regular meeting. If a Monday falls on a holiday observed by the City, the meeting is held on the next day (Tuesday) at the same times. 

Elections are held each year to elect one member from each ward for a "staggered" two-year term. However, in some instances when a Council member resigns or a seat is left vacant due to the death of a Council member, it is possible to have both seats from a ward up for election on the same ballot. In that case, the person elected by the Council to serve out the remainder of the immediate Council year can then file to run at the next general election to serve the remainder of the successor's two-year term.

In April, 1993, the voters of the City approved amending the Charter to allow an eight-year limit on the time a person can serve on the Council. Those eight years do not have to be consecutive.