Zoning Information

Jefferson City Zoning Code is in Chapter 35 of the City Code.

Zoning Map
The Zoning Map is available on the on-line GIS system, which is available at www.midmogis.org.

Instructions for obtaining zoning information for a specific property:
1. Go to www.midmogis.org.
2. Click on Interactive Maps..
3. Click on Silverlight Interactive Mapping Site.
4. You may be prompted to download Microsoft Silverlight.
5. Read the Disclaimer, and agree to the terms and conditions.
6. After the mapping window is displayed, select the "Maps" drop down menu and the "I want to see.... Jefferson City Zoning" secondary drop down menu.  The Zoning layer should display on the map.
7. Type the address of your property into the "Search Here" window at the top of the screen, or zoom in manually to the area you're interested in. 

NOTE: that the search engine does not use periods and street suffixes are abbreviated.