Adopt-A-Street | Adopt-A-Spot

The City of Jefferson’s Adopt-A-Street & Adopt-A-Spot programs involve volunteers across the city working together to clean up and beautify Jefferson City by adopting sections of City right-of-ways on streets, roundabouts, and islands. Currently, more than 13 groups and 130 volunteers in the program are focused on making roadsides cleaner and more attractive for our residents and visitors. Almost 10 miles of roadway have been adopted.

Adopters have the option(s) of performing the following activities: litter pick-up, mowing, planting, pruning, weed eating, or other activities as approved by the city. Adopter groups include commercial and private enterprises, civic and non-profit organizations, families and individuals. 

Adopters must:

  • If adopting a street; adopt at least 1/2 mile of City street right-of-way
  • Perform approved activities at least four times a year;
  • Submit an activity report within five (5) business days of completing the activity;
  • Ensure all participants follow all safety procedures and watch the safety video provided at;
  • Provide their own bags, gloves, and reflective attire;
  • Sign a three-year agreement.

 City will:

  • Remove and dispose of filled trash bags from the adopted section upon notification of completed pick-ups;
  • Install and maintain signs, if desired by the adopter, at both ends of the adopted section or 1 sign for any spot(s) adopted;
  • Some areas may have different requirements than others, the city will have final approval over all sections/spots to be adopted and their respective plans.

How to Participate in the Adopt-A-Street/Adopt-A-Spot Program:
Please complete the Adopt-A-Street | Adopt-A-Spot Application and submit the completed application by or email to:

City of Jefferson 
Attn: Neighborhood Services Division
320 E. McCarty Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Cleanup Activity Report
Each Adoptor is to complete an Activity Report within five days after any program activity is completed on site. The Activity Report may be submitted to City Hall or emailed to
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