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The quiet giants of nature, trees play a invaluable role in our park system.  Jefferson City forestry staff, including three ISA-certified arborists, have the important task of planting and maintaining city trees as well as mowing hundreds of acres each week in the park system.  

McKay scenic  Fall  Mem trees
Forestry embraces a broad range of concerns, including provision of timber; fuel wood; wildlife habitat; natural water quality management; recreation; landscape and community protection; aesthetically pleasing landscapes; biodiversity management; watershed management; erosion control; and carbon dioxide regulation.  (source:  Wikipedia)

Memorial Park mulchSeveral times throughout the year, mulch is produced from the timber collected throughout the park system.  The product, free to the public, is deposited at Memorial Park in the compost exhibit/mulch pick-up area.  Mulching is done on an as-needed basis so we are not able to guarantee availability.  Those interested in free mulch are responsible for loading and hauling.