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Tree Care and Pruning

Trees beautify our surroundings, increase property values, and help save energy.

Along our city streets, tree limbs and utility lines compete in the air, while tree roots, cables, and pipes vie for space below ground.

Nine things your should know about trees and the benefits of trees from

Tree1) Don't top trees

2) Use the 1/3 and 1/4 rules of pruning

3)  How to make a proper pruning cut

4)  The value of mulch

5)  Where roots really grow

6)  Girdling kills trees

7)  How to plant a containerized tree

8)  How to plant a bare-root tree

9)  Your street trees may be city trees

Learn more about how trees and utilities can coexist through careful pruning, tunneling instead of trenching around roots, and matching the size of the tree at maturity to the planting location on the Tree Line USA page.