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Geocaching, Letterboxing, Munzees, Waymarking

Policy Statement Regarding Geocaching, Letterboxing, Munzees, Waymarking and other location based games in the Jefferson City Park System

Geocaching and other location based games are new, entertaining adventure game for the internet, Global Positioning System (GPS) and smart phone users. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up locations all over the world and share the locations of these on the Internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the locations. Once found, a cache or other game piece may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards.

  • We believe allowing Geocaching and other location based games in the park system will have mutual positive benefits to the user and the department, including the following: 
  • Geocaching and other location based games will attract visitors who otherwise may never visit Jefferson City parks
  • Geocachers and other location based game players will receive the benefits of exercise while searching for the caches;
  • The placement of caches and other location based games in the park system will provide new, wholesome recreational opportunities for individuals and families.
  • The Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Department eagerly welcome this activity to the park system.

 ATTENTION PARK USERS: If you accidentally find one of these Geocaches or other location based games in any of our parks, please do not disturb it.


Parks and Recreation allows Geocaching in the Jefferson City Parks system under the following guidelines:

  1. Caches and other location based game pieces shall not be placed within 100 feet of playgrounds, ball fields, pavilions, and restricted or private drives. For safety reasons, caches will not be permitted anywhere on the Oak Hills Golf Center's Golf Course.
  2. When placing caches and other location based game pieces in the park system, no digging or any other kind of disruption of the ground will be permitted.
  3. Geocaches and Letterboxes shall be clearly labeled and include an explanation of what it is in the event it is found by non-game players. At the very least, contact information should be included on or inside the cache or letterbox with the description of the game as well as the name of the cache/letterbox as listed on the Web Site.
  4. Please include a detailed description of the location in the encoded "hints" section that will guide a finder to the location without difficulty.
  5. In order to see the geographical impact of location based games, the Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Department encourages the finder to submit his or her name, city and state on the official Geocache or Letterboxing web site once a cache is located in a city park.
  6. Geocachers and Letterboxers are allowed to place a game piece on Jefferson City Parks and Recreation property so long as they comply with the restrictions stated above. Pieces found not to be in compliance with this policy may be removed at the discretion of department staff.