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"Rent-A-Garden" plots are located in the North Jefferson Recreation Area.  A full lot is 25' x 50' and rents for $45. A half lot is 25' x 25' and rents for $25. Plots are available for use March through October. Call (573) 634-6482 for more information.

Whenever possible, the same plots will be issued to the same individuals from year to year. Previous year's renters may renew their plots during February. Starting March 1*, all unreserved plots will be rented on a first-come-first-served basis.  The gardener must maintain the plot in a neat, weed-free condition. Failure to control weeds may result in revocation of use of plot and clear cutting of the site by the Parks and Recreation Department. Weeds over 12" in height are subject to cutting in accordance with the City Weed Ordinance at the plot renter's expense.
Rent-A- Garden Plot Agreement

*Dates vary year to year. Please call JC Parks at (573) 634-6482 for the upcoming rental schedule. 

Little Gardener