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Greenway Master Plan

Increasing popularity and desirability of greenways, bicycle/pedestrian routes and trails, open space for recreation, alternative travel modes and natural environments is generating a need for systematic planning, design and development of greenways and multi-use trails within the city and nearby parts of Cole and Callaway counties (now considered to be parts of a “metropolitan” region).

Building on previous plans, current trends and public input, staff from the Planning Division and Department of Parks and Recreation for the City of Jefferson developed a revised Greenway Plan as an update to previous plans and studies.

Currently existing greenway trails have been built primarily with Federal Transportation Enhancement Program funds and the half-cent Capital Improvements Sales Tax to provide local matching funds. Other funding sources have been the Parks Fund, Recreational Trails Grant Program and Local Landmark Park grants. Virtually all of the greenways have been built on donated lands or easements, on existing city right-of-way, or on City park lands.

The Greenway Master Plan for the City of Jefferson was recently updated.  The last official Greenway plan was developed in 1991.  Since then, updates to the plan have been made through the 1996 Comprehensive Plan Update and the 2001 City Beautification Plan. A great deal of public involvement was required for the city staff to do their part in updating the Greenway Master Plan. Previous greenway and park planning involved many people throughout the community over several years and provided a large pool of interested individuals organizations and associations to draw information from. In addition to City staff, interested public was invited city-wide to participate in updating the plan. Planning and Parks and Recreation staff coordinated two focus group meetings and an open house over several months time. The 2007 Greenway Master Plan is the result of these efforts. 

2007 Greenway Master Plan Document (13mb) 

2007 GREENWAY PLAN MAPGreenway Trail Map