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Walk a Mile in Your Parks


Wears Creek Main Branch (Greenway)

Dunklin Street Trail Head to Southwest Blvd.

Southwest Blvd. to Stadium Blvd.

Stadium Blvd. to Edgewood Dr. Parking Lot

Edgewood Dr. Parking Lot to Fairgrounds Rd.

Fairgrounds Rd. thru County Park Lake to Covington Gardens

Wears Creek East Branch (Greenway)

East McCarty St. to Chestnut St.

Stadium /Lafayette round-about through Aurora Park


1.10 miles

1.30 miles

0.90 miles

2.10 miles

1.30 miles

1.20 miles

1.10 miles


1.75 kilometers

2.08 kilometers

1.45 kilometers

3.40 kilometers

1.38 kilometers

Greenway Trail Spurs

Duensing Ballfield to Swifts Highway

Stadium Blvd. to Satinwood Dr.

Edgewood Dr. to Shermans Hollow

Ellis-Porter Riverside Park to Lewis and Clark state office building

Lewis and Clark Trailhead Plaza to Clay Street Trailhead Plaza

Clay Street Trailhead Plaza to North Jefferson pavilion

North Jefferson pavilion to Katy Trail

Katy Trail to Summit Dr.

McKay Park to Southwest Blvd.

Country Club Dr. to Binder Park

Portabello Place Dr. to Hwy 179 along Creek Trail Dr.

Missouri River Pedestrian/Bike Bridge

West Main entrance to south overlook

South overlook to north overlook

North overlook to ramp top

Ramp top to ramp bottom

Bridge measurements courtesy of Jeff City Roadrunners


0.70 miles

0.50 miles

0.50 miles

0.70 miles

0.60 miles

1.70 miles

1.00 miles

0.20 miles

0.16 miles

1.17 miles

0.50 miles

0.124 miles

0.113 miles

0.054 miles

0.268 miles

total: 0.559 miles


1.10 kilometers

0.80 kilometers

0.80 kilometers

0.26 kilometers

1.88 kilometers

0.20 kilometers

0.18 kilometers

0.09 kilometers

0.43 kilometers

total: 0.90 kilometers

Park/Fitness Trails

East Miller Street Neighborhood Park

Ellis-Porter/Riverside Park

McKay Park

Memorial Park


0.25 miles

1.30 miles

0.60 miles

1.30 miles


0.40 kilometers

1.0 kilometers

2.09 kilometers

Mountain Bike Trail

Binder Park

Frog Hollow Nature Trail (adjacent to Greenway)


15.0 miles

3.10 miles