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JC Parks Branding

External use of JC Parks logo is allowed when supporting JC Parks sponsored programs and events. Logo use guidelines include: 
  • Disc background should generally maintain Parks Blue (R18 G48 B79; C95 Y81 M43 K38; hex 12304f).
  • Leaf should remain white (R255 G255 B255; C0 M0 Y0 K0; hex ffffff).
  • Do not use drop shadows, fading, bevels, or strokes.
  • Do not use logo without disc background on a pattern or photograph.
Download JC Parks Logo & Guidelines for full details and examples. 

Main logo: single line text under disc

Alternative logos: single or double line text next to disc

JCPARKS_2018Leaf-H-Double high res 2

Contact Amy Schroeder to request additional logo options.