Ropes Challenge Course

Our Challenge Ropes Course will open on June 1, 2020! If your group is interested in booking for the 2020 season, please contact Alexis Kerman at or call 573-634-6593. 

*Please view our "How are we following COVID-19 Guidelines and Requirements?" tab at the bottom of the page for updated program information in regards to Covid-19 orders, policies and regulations.* 

We are excited to introduce JC Park's newest activity and programs! The Ropes Challenge Course is located at Binder Park and offers a variety of elements for people of all ages. The course consists of a high and low course, giving participants a variety of challenges to work across with their friends, family and other participants. Our ropes course leaders and instructors will follow a "challenge by choice" philosophy. Although we want to challenge each individual and group to step out of their comfort zone and into unique situations, participants always have their own choice. Trained program leaders and instructors will be by your side through each segment of the course in order to ensure your enjoyment, comfort and above all else- safety. 

The ropes course offers the following elements-
  • High Elements: zap across one platform to another, balance on a log more than 25 feet in the air, string across thin ropes and wires to reach the next tree and slide down a rope like Tarzan! These elements require lots of encouragement from team members to help each other conquer fears.
  • Low Elements: we challenge you and your team's creativity and decision making while traversing across tight-rope wires with no support other than the people around you to make it to the end of the activity without falling! These are great team building and leadership activities. 
  • Ground Activities: there are lots of team building activities we can do without using any elements! These activities include a blindfold field, hula hoop races, human knot and much more.
  • Climbing Wall: "reach" to new heights as you climb up an 18 foot tower. Once you reach the top, belay down with the help of trained instructors.
  • Zip Line: sail down 400 feet across the course on our zip line and experience the thrill of flying through the air.

Registration Details

Please call JC Parks at 573-634-6593 to register or email the Program Manager, Alexis Kerman at to inquire about renting the ropes course out for your next event or group outing! Make sure to read about the LEG (Lead, Explore and Grow) group facility rentals to find out more. 
  • Deadlines: Registration for LEG groups must book at least 1.5 weeks in advance so that we can prepare adequate staffing.
  • Dates: Ropes Course rentals may be booked from June 1 - November 18 (weather dependent and *CDC/Cole County Health Department guidelines*).

How are we following COVID-19 Guidelines and Requirements?

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