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Binder Adventure Camp 2020

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Binder Adventure Camp is a challenging outdoor recreation experience for youth entering grades 4-8 in the fall. Campers will not only enjoy the outdoors but will learn outdoor skills which they can use for life. Some of the activities will include canoeing, fishing, fort building, Friday cookouts, confidence course, hiking, nature study, and more. 

Location:  Binder Park Pavilion or Binder Lake Deck (lake day).   After check-in, staff will walk the 6-8th graders to another location in the park for most of their activities.  It is a covered pavilion and located close to the park pavilion.
Camp hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Campers bring their own lunch and drinks in coolers. We provide camp staff  to supervise your child from as early as 7:15 a.m. and as late as 5:30 p.m.   Campers have the option for early drop-off at The Linc, 1299 Lafayette Street, between 7:15-8:00 am or Memorial Park pavilion between 7:30-8:15 am. This replaces the multi-stop bus schedule.

CAMPERS SHOULD NOT ATTEND MORE THAN FOUR, ONE WEEK SESSIONS - If you sign up for more than one week of this camp, we recommened that you spread the weeks out throughout the summer. 

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Everyone must pay the $15 camp pre-registration fee before they can register for any day camp.  This pre-registration is open.  This is a one-time fee that covers the camper's t-shirt and ePact medical form.

 ePact camper medical information must be submitted online before your child(ren can attend any day camp. A link will be emailed within a few days after you have registered for camp.

Deferred payment plan for day camps! Just pay a $25 deposit per week per camp at the time of registration and pay the balance for all June camps by Wednesday, May 13; all July camps by June 15 and all August camps by July 15. Those using the deferred payment plan must register in person.  

Activity # Dates
Grade Fall '20
605373-2A June 1-5 4-5 $118 $128 March 10-May 18
605373-3A June 8-12 4-5 $118 $128 March 10-May 25
605373-4A June 15-19 4-5 $118 $128 March 10-June 1
605373-5A June 22-26 4-5 $118 $128 March 10-June 8
  June 29-July 3 no camp
605373-6A July 6-10 4-5 $118 $128 March 10-June 22
605373-7A July 13-17 4-5 $118 $128 March 10-June 29
605373-8A July 20-24 4-5 $118 $128 March 10-July 6
605373-9A July 27-31 4-5 $118 $128 March 10-July 13


Activity # Dates
Grade Fall '20
605373-2B June 1-5 6-8 $118 $128 March 10-May 18
605373-3B June 8-12 6-8 $118 $128 March 10-May 25
605373-4B June 15-19 6-8 $118 $128 March 10-June 1
605373-5B June 22-26 6-8 $118 $128 March 10-June 8
  June 29-July 3 no camp
605373-6B July 6-10 6-8 $118 $128 March 10-June 22
605373-7B July 13-17 6-8 $118 $128 March 10-June 29
605373-8B July 20-24 6-8 $118 $128 March 10-July 6
605373-9B July 27-31 6-8 $118 $128 March 10-July 13

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*Campers will go to Memorial Park Family Aquatic Center or the Washington Park Ice Arena to swim/ice skate each day.  Campers will need to be picked up by 5:30 p.m.  If the pool is closed, campers will remain at Binder and counselors will provide alternative activities.  In order to follow the COVID-10 guidelines, we cannot bus the campers to the pool daily.  Pick up will be at Binder Park.  We will be providing other activities at the camp to replace swim time.  We plan to have camp at Memorial Park one day a week so they can participate in swim activities as well.

MDC logo Color  Shout out to the Missouri Department of Conservation
and their Runge Naturalists for partnering with us for
Binder Adventure Camp
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We require a parent, guardian, or other designated individual to personally check each camper into and out of our day camp with a staff member each day. Please do not drop off your child in the morning or have your child meet you outside the camp or pool. We will not allow your child to leave without someone coming in to get him or her.

Please know that our camps are drug, alcohol and tobacco free zones. City policy prohibits us from holding or dispensing any prescription or over-the-counter medication either internally or externally. Our first aid policy only allows us to insure breathing, control bleeding and swelling. We cannot administer any medicine, either internal or external, under any circumstances. This includes salves, topical ointments, sting-ease, pain reliever, anti-ivy. We are permitted to assist your child in applying sun screen or insect repellant that he or she brings. In the unlikely event that your child is injured, we will contact you immediately with the details and asking for your guidance on further care, if needed. What to wear/bring:

  1. Have your child eat a nutritious and filling breakfast. We plan on lots of hard play!
  2. Campers should wear play clothes and tennis shoes and bring a swim suit.
  3. Campers should bring their own lunch every day. We suggest that lunches be brought in coolers since we are unable to provide refrigeration. We recommend that sodas not be brought to camp and sodas will not be available for sale. Frozen juice and Kool-aid that come in cardboard cartons are an excellent drink for lunches. Please do not bring glass containers of any kind to camp. 
  4. Campers should bring and wear sunscreen and bug spray.
  5. Lunches, jackets, sunscreen, etc. should be marked with campers name. We recommend you send a life jacket with your child on lake day.
  6. No radios or music players will be allowed at camp.
  7. To maintain our proper counselor/camper ratio, campers should not bring a friend to camp who is not enrolled in our program.
  8. Since we can not be held responsible for lost valuables, we suggest that campers should not bring phones, any jewelry, watches, pocket knives or other valuables to camp.