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High School Hoops 2020-2021


Who:  High School boys and girls not playing for their school.  

5 Divisions:
Boys 11th & 12th Grades A
Boys 11th & 12th Grades B
Boys 9th & 10th Grades A
Boys 9th & 10th Grades B
Girls 9th - 12th Grades

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Team Formation:  By Parent Manager.  All teams must have a Parent Manager and Player Captain.

7 Games:  Mon.-Thur. at The Linc (1299 Lafayette St.) from Jan. 4 - Feb. 25.  7 games includes a league playoff if possible.

Registration: Early bird: Oct. 26 - Nov. 13.  Regular: Nov. 14 - 27.  All registrations are online.  The Parent Manager must register the team at: (updated soon).  Under High School Hoops, click on More Info to see other teams that have already registered, then click on Enroll to register your team.  You will need to know your division, team name (must be appropriate & explained), any schedule conflicts, each players name & email address, etc.
After Parent Managers complete the team registration, each player will be sent an automatic email to register themselves.

Team Fee: Early bird:  $290 per team, Regular:  $310 per team.  Once the online registration is complete, step 2 is payment.  Please pay via:

Online:  Follow this link.

Phone:  (573) 634-6482. 

Walk-In:  The Linc during business hours.

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Jerseys:  NEW!  JC Parks will provide reversible jerseys.  Teams will not provide their own jerseys.

League Rules:  All participants will need to be familiar with the 2021 League Rules Packet.

Letter to Parent Managers:

      • Linked above is a letter to Parent Managers with a lot of valuable information.

Contact:  Steve Schellman, JC Parks, Program Manager of Youth Sports, 573-634-6493 or